What is a Yummy Mummy?
A mother who endeavors to take care of herself as well as she takes care of her little ones. Because having it all doesn't come easy struggles occur, but being a Yummy Mummy allows you to adapt to motherhood without neglecting yourself. The old adage is true - if the mother is happy and healthy then the family is happy and healthy.

Our Yummy Story
Yummy Mummy Baking Company was started by a Nutritionist and mom who knows first-hand the challenges of staying yummy, sane and healthy when little ones arrive.

Ami struggled to maintain her health and diet she knew she needed to survive months of sleep deprivation as her daughter had to nurse hourly increasing the wear of chronic infection and post-partum depression. Her friend and business partner  was challenged with maintaining milk supply due to her son's tongue-tie and eventual refusal to nurse which led to pumping every 3 hours day and night, plus doing anything possible to help boost her supply.

Determined to help other moms have it a little bit easier, Yummy Mummy Baking Company was born. Once she emerged from the early-days haze, Ami returned to her professional training as a holistic Nutritionist and created snacks that help heal and nourish the post-partum mom and the nursing baby.

The result? Yummy Mummy Cookies as a nourishing treat for the body and the soul and just one of those little tricks that a Yummy Mummy knows will help her be the mom she wants to be.

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